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The Readers SDK is a SDK developed by geopagos that allows mobile apps to accept credit and debit cards using a card reader, the Readers SDK simplify low level details allowing the client to focus on his business logic. This solution is available for iOS and Android.

The Readers SDK provides two great functionalities: transactions and reader update.


The Readers SDK allows to make card present transactions using magnetic stripe, contact and contactless chip cards.

The Readers SDK will guide you through the process with the data required at each step to complete the transaction.

The Readers SDK supports two implementations:

Reader update

It may be necessary update the card reader configuration, so the Readers SDK provides support for that. There are 2 type of configurations that can be updated: firmware and EMV configuration.

Reader Firmware: This configuration allows to update the software which controls the low-level functions of the card reader.

EMV Configuration: This configuration allows to set EMV parameters to use in the transactions, this changes the configuration of the reader permanently.

If any of these updates are necessary, Geopagos will provide a bundle file that contains the configuration for each type of card reader.

Some configuration updates results in a time consuming operation, for example in android devices it can take between 4 and 10 minutes to complete and in iOS devices it can take until 30 minutes. Because of this, it's recommended to ask the user to keep the reader connected to a power source before start updating to avoid a disconnection in the middle of the update due to low battery charge. In Qpos readers it is mandatory to connect it to a power source while firmware updates are made.

For technical documentation check the How to update readers section.


The smartPOS has an integrated printer which allows printing the authorization receipt.

If the model with backend is being used, it is possible to obtain the receipt in two formats:

Supported readers

See the complete list of supported readers