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Tap to Phone

The Tap On Phone with PIN Application(ToPP) enables your application to accept contactless payments using the merchant phone as a card reader.

In order for your app to be able to make a contactless transaction, you need to have the Tap On Phone app installed on your device. This app will be launched using an invocation SDK.


For the ToPP Application to work, there are some requirements that have to be met. The app will only be able to process a transaction if all of the following conditions are meet:

  • The device run Android 10 or later
  • The device supports Google Services
  • The device has NFC capabilities
  • The device is not an emulator
  • The device is not rooted
  • The device has developer mode disabled
  • The app is not running on virtual environment, debug or any security threat

If the ToPP Application detects any security threat it will close automatically.


Tap on Phone with PIN Application (ToPP)

The android application to perform contactless transactions.

Invocation SDK

An SDK provided by Geopagos that communicates ToPP with Third Party Applications.

Third Party Application

This is an integrating application that wants to use ToPP solution.

Third Party Backend

A backend from the third party application that wants to use ToPP solution.

ToPP Identifier

Identifies a ToPP versión installed on a physical device. This identifier is an object containing:

  • ToPP Application Name: a String with the Application Build Name.
Example: geopagos
  • ToPP Application version: a String with the Application Build Version.
Example: 1.2.1
  • Device fingerprint: a String that is unique per device.
Example: 9E:35:85:E6:76:76:09:E5:88:7B:7C:39:EB:ED:CF:2D:E2:3A:3B:9B:1A:8E:1F:89:EC:F3:D9:5A:D7:AF:A2:39

Geopagos API

Is a backend service used to generate sessions and track ongoing transactions.


Identifies a third party ToPP consumer. This is provided by Geopagos along with other credentials to use our services.


Represents a transaction intent in progress requested by a Third Party Backend to the Monitor, to perform a transaction using ToPP solution. This Session is linked to a single ToPP instance by the ToPP Identifier. A session is valid until a transaction is completed or a security threat arises.

Sequence diagram