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In person payments


We offer solutions to facilitate face-to-face transactions. Here, we provide distinct methods for processing in-person payments: utilizing our Terminals SDK, leveraging Tap to Pay technology, or adopting QR code payments. Whether you prefer integrating with terminals, using your device as a payment terminal, or accepting payments via QR codes, our solutions are designed to meet your business needs and enhance the payment experience for both you and your customers. Choose the method that best fits your requirements and start accepting payments with ease.

Terminals SDK

Our Terminals SDK allows seamless integration with a variety of terminals, including Bluetooth and SmartPOS terminals. With this SDK, you can easily accept payments using supported terminals, ensuring a secure and efficient checkout experience.

Learn more about Terminals SDK

Tap to Phone

Tap to Phone technology enables merchants to accept contactless payments directly on their smartphones or tablets, turning them into secure payment terminals. This innovative solution provides convenience and flexibility for both merchants and customers.

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QR Payments

QR payments offer a simple and convenient way to accept payments using QR codes. Customers can scan the QR code generated by your business to initiate the payment process, making it easy to complete transactions on the spot.

Discover QR Payments

Transactional APIs

Our Transactional API is a tool that enables developers to seamlessly integrate financial transaction functionalities into their applications and systems securely.

Explore the Transactional API